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About Company

D&B Building Materials Technology Company Integrity, professionalism, and service attitudes are committed to the R&D and production of chemical building materials and provide practical, reliable and high-quality products to meet the application of different projects and different construction methods, and to improve construction efficiency. It is your number one in all projects. choose.

The company team has always been proud of and hopes to continue the spirit. Thank you for your support and affirmation from all walks of life over the years. We also hope that the old and new knowledge can give us more advice and encouragement, so that the company has more opportunities to serve you.

Building materials products
Building waterproof products
Stone Material products
Chemical related products

Founded 40 years

Produce high-quality and
diversified products to create maximum
value for customers.

Our Products

Stone Material

Franchise a variety of natural stones and stone products, white cement ,stone curing agent, colored Stone Material.

  • A variety of styles are widely used
  • 40 years of experience to meet different engineering applications.
  • Complete after-sales consultation and service, quality assurance.

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New web Design

About Company

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